Survey Services

The following are the services that are offered by the MHC Land Survey Department:
1. Cadastral Surveys
The Cadastral Surveying is a type of Land surveying that deal with the establishment of real property boundaries. The Corporation conducts the physical delineation of property boundaries and determination of dimensions, areas and certain rights associated with properties. It also involves interpreting and advising on boundary locations, on the status of land ownership and on the rights, as well as the recording of such information for use on Survey plans, Deed plans, and other maps sheets. These surveys are undertaken in line with Land Survey Act 2016, Land Survey Regulations 2020 and Mapping Standards.

Our range of Cadastral Survey services include surveys to create new property boundaries (original surveys), perimeter Surveys (for land acquisition), sub-division surveys, Retracement surveys (identification of existing boundaries), Survey for regularization of encroached areas, Plot Extensions and Amalgamations.

2. Topographic and Engineering Surveys
Topographic survey is a field survey exercise where physical features and land parcels are precisely measured in position and height. Data from this exercise is used for the production and compilation of the topographic maps, layout plans, Architectural and Engineering Drawings, which are used for infrastructural developments. Topographic Surveys are an excellent planning and decision-making tool in the Corporation.

3. Archiving and Dissemination of Geospatial Information
The Corporation has a records office within the Land Survey Department for archiving and disseminating of geospatial information. Copies of Cadastral Survey Plans, Deed Plans, Topographic Maps, Layout plans and Site plans are archived in digital as well as hard copy. The information is used both internally and the public. For instance, the information is being used for the development of National Addressing and Post Code Project and the Blantyre City Quinquennial Valuation Roll (QVR).

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