Malawi Housing Corporation has noted with concern media reports aired on Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Radio Station to the effect that the Malawi Housing Corporation has agreed with its tenants they can buy the houses they are renting. The Corporation wishes to expressly refute these allegations in their entirety. The Corporation wishes to reiterate that the ban on the sale of houses was introduced primarily because the number of houses had dwindled below the Corporation’s operational needs. This situation persists to date and as such the Corporation does not intend to sell any of its houses. In fact, the Corporation intends to increase its housing stocks in order to meet the huge housing deficit  facing the country.


It is therefore illogical for any one to allege that the Corporation intends to be selling its houses while at the same time the same Corporation desperately needs to increase the number of its houses by 25, 000 houses every year for the next 10 years to meet the current housing demands. Members of the public are therefore advised that the alleged agreement between the Corporation and Tenants is false and must be wholly ignored.






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