The Hon. Minister of Housing, Sam Kawale, MP, visited the Corporation on 02nd June, 2022 to familiarize himself with the activities of the Corporation.

In the presentation that the Corporation made, it shared with the Minister its general overview. It indicated that with the amendment of the MHC ACT in 2016, the Corporation became a Commercial entity. This means that as an institution, it has the ability

  1. To raise funds for house construction by way of loans, public private partnership, etc
  2. Construct and purchase commercial buildings
  3. Enter into consultancy or contract agreements
  4. Make profits to finance more housing projects.

The Minister then toured a housing project in Ngumbe where over 80 houses were constructed with 60 houses finished and occupied. The Minister was happy and encouraged with the progress. He assured Government support and commitment.

Find below the tour in picture.

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