Property Management

The major functions of Malawi Housing Corporation include the construction of houses, development of plots and the maintenance of houses. Through its construction unit, the Corporation builds houses to add to its stock of housing units. Recently, the Corporation set out on a project to construct 240 houses and flats. By March 2022 most of these houses were completed and ready for occupation and contributed to a total number of 6500 houses spread across the length and breadth of the country.

The Corporation’s houses are different classes to cater for the varying needs of its clients. In this regard, there are single bedroom, two
bedroom, three bedrooms, four bedrooms as well as bed seaters. MHC also lets out properties for commercial as well as institutional or office use. In the University City of Zomba, the Corporation operates a modern hostel facility, providing affordable accommodation to university students.

The Corporation carries out maintenance of its houses to keep them in tenantable condition and add to the lives of the buildings. Malawi Housing Corporation also develops plots for allocation to Malawians both locally and those in diaspora. The allocation of plots enables Malawians to build houses of their own liking and taste. The plots are serviced with roads infrastructure and supplied with water and
power utilities. Plots are developed in high, medium and low density locations of cities and other urban areas. The Corporation is in the process of upgrading its Property Management System (PMS) for more automation and integration. The automated and integrated PMS will greatly improve the Corporation’s efficiency in its operations and interface with its clients and other stakeholders, including online payments through the banks and other payments platforms

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