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Eastern Region


Mrs Lucy Kapito
Regional Manager

Mrs. Kapito has worked for Malawi Housing Corporation for over Sixteen years now. During her first year with the Corporation she served as the first Public Relations officer a job she enjoyed to implement as the mouth piece for MHC. She then took on the role of Human Resources Manager where she played an advisory role to Management on recruitment, Employee welfare and all Human resources related issues. 

Lucy has also served as Business Development, Marketing Research Officer before taking on the position of Regional Manager. During her work as RM she successfully completed construction of 20 Houses in Katoto- Mzuzu, 10 houses in St Mary’s- Zomba and 20 houses in Area 49 – Lilongwe.
Of all the portfolios she has held during her work with the corporation, Lucy finds the work of Regional Manager quite fulfilling as it provides her the opportunity to carry out Malawi Housing Corporation’s mandate to the full of Estates Management.
Lucy holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration she was excited to attain on 28th November 2009, Bachelor of Arts & Diploma in Education from University of Malawi and Advanced Diploma in Public Relations & Personnel Mgt. from the United Kingdom.
Her dream is to see the corporation develop 500 houses in the Eastern region and continue maintaining the existing stock of houses. Mrs. Kapito is a proud mother of 3; Jackie, Sharon & Okiriha.


Sydney Sitolo
Regional Accontant

Sydney Has a degree in Accounting and currently pursing the final stage of the ACCA professional qualification that he hopes to complete in June 2017. A father of three boys who believes in hard work, honesty and integrity. Mr. Sitolo joined the corporation on 1st September 1997 as an accounts clerk. 

Sydney has risen to Regional Accountant east from Senior Account Clerk to Senior Accounts Assistant, Accountant & Senior Accountant. He was excited to act in the capacity of Regional Manager managing the maintenance of 819 housing units and 2837 plots.


Stella Sokosa Chintedza
Senior Estates Officer

Stella Sokosa Chintedza is a holder of BSc Degree in environmental science works as a Senior Estates Officer for Eastern Regions. Her work involves liaising with existing and prospective tenants on estates issues, supervising maintenance works of old houses & construction of new housing stock. She joined Malawi Housing Corporation as Estates Officer on December 1, 2007 before ascending to her current position. 

Currently Stella was involved in the amendment of the Tenancy agreement and sensitizing tenants on the amended tenancy agreement. Stella is a strong advocate of the building flats; she believes Malawi Housing Corporation should develop more flats in the eastern region on the exiting land.

Currently studying for a Masters’ Degree in Estates Management. The Master’s degree course has awarded Stella skills to effectively Manage properties in the eastern region.

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